CrossFit Rapture is Bay Shore / Brightwaters First CrossFit Facility.


What is RAPTURE:

Rapture (Noun)

1. The state of mind resulting from feelings of high emotion; joyous ecstasy

2. (often plural) an expression of ecstatic joy

3. The act of transporting a persons soul from existence to another

Synonym: ecstasy


Mission of CrossFit Rapture!


Here at CrossFit Rapture we believe that fitness and health cannot be limited to one basic philosophy. CrossFit Rapture offers a distinct style of fitness pulling from multiple schools of training philosophies. The purpose of our training is to provide the greatest, healthiest, and most efficient results possible while providing much more than speed, endurance, strength, muscle growth, and fat loss. The training will be challenging, unique, and creative in ways that spark inspiration for our athletes. When you are finished with each session you will have learned things about yourself and feel invigorated knowing how much you can truly accomplish when driven. Training at CrossFit Rapture will develop physical and mental strength for each individual athlete.


CrossFit Rapture is much more than a group of strangers interested in getting fit. Since 2011 its community has grown strong, offering support and inspiration to achieve the highest levels of fitness you desire. This inspiration is something we have felt from living locally and is why we feel this community is the perfect place for CrossFit Rapture. Friendship, support, challenges and inspiration will be on display daily via the trainers and the athletes here at Rapture. Here, fitness is part of an everyday healthy lifestyle. Fitness is not just a chore to get done or an obligation to be filled before or after work. A training session at Crossfit Rapture is a planned event!




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